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The Armflex E is equipped with all the necessary and desirable ergonomic and technical adjustment possibilities. When the Armflex E model was designed, it took great pains to make sure that all of the functions were logical and uncomplicated. The main focus was placed on user friendliness. For example, height can be adjusted in one rapid operation. Friction joints enable the position of the Armflex E to be varied almost limitlessly, which encourages drivers to really use this feature. Armflex E has many areas of application, but is particularly suitable for large forklift trucks, construction and forest equipment. For further information, please contact Darby Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • The armrest pad is designed to provide lateral support and length wise curvature thus ensuring optimal freedom of movement to operate control, levers, etc.
  • The plastic cover beneath the armrest pad contributes to a dynamic design and also allows any control cables to be concealed
  • The armrest pad can be positioned separately in a lateral or vertical direction, and can also be turned horizontally
  • Can be adjusted independently in a lengthwise interval of 85 mm
  • The height of the entire armrest is infinitely adjustable within an interval of 90 mm and can be locked using an ergonomic wheel
  • The entire armrest is conveniently hinged to facilitate accessing and leaving the driving seat
  • The control holder for mini joysticks and other truck controls is standard and can be mounted at the front edge of the armrest pad. Customized design solutions can be produced for vehicle manufacturers
  • In its basic form the armrest is easily installed on most seat models with the help of special seat brackets