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The 8652 Series is a bus driver seat, developed following many years of experience and cooperation with major bus builders and transportation companies. Backrest and seat designs are fully functional and easily adjustable to individual driver’s needs. Special attention is given to optimum body support and ergonomics requirements. This seat is fully trimmed with backrest featuring a single lever adjustment for height together with infinitely variable lumbar support providing constant softness. A new feature for maximum comfort is the option of the air vent system providing a pleasant cool and fresh work environment. This seat is also equipped with a rotolift swivel pedestal. For further information, please contact Darby
Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • Lumbar support adjustment
  • Length adjustment seat cushion of 100 mm
  • Length adjustment of 200 mm
  • Infinite height adjustment of 100 mm
  • Infinite angle adjustment of 12.5º
  • Infinite angle backrest adjustment of 35º
  • Backrest height adjustment of 120 mm
  • Rotolift swivel pedestal

Optional Accessories

  • Foldable armrest (Adjustable in height and width)
  • Removable headrest
  • 2 point seat belt*
*Safety Notice: Seat restraints, static or retractable lap belts are available. The nature and environment of product use dictates the employment of this device. Darby seating is a component part, therefore the purchaser of any seat must exercise this choice. Darby recommends the use of seat restraints whenever appropriate. Strict adherence to ALL safety procedures is recommended.