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Byggo Forest Slide Rails consist of playfree units with a very long operating lifetime, which prevents your driver's seat being exposed to unneccessary wear. The photo on your left consists of mechanical Byggo Forest Slide Rails but pneumatic slide rails are also an option. To assure the excellent functionality of the slide rails they must be carefully installed so that the units are parallel, both laterally and in terms of height. Byggo Forest Slide Rails have a wide area of application but are particularly suitable for construction, forest machinery and large forklift trucks. Slide rails don't have to be a weak link. For further information, please contact Darby Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • The slide rails can be locked in the following methods:
  • Mechanical locking, with turn and stepless locking positions
  • Pneumatic locking via a push-button and with 20 mm intervals between locking positions
  • The slide rails have a structural height of 42 mm and are available in the following versions:
  • Distance from the center to the seat fastening holes (280 mm,
    330 mm and 337 mm)
  • Distance from the cetner to the floor fastening holes (280 mm
    and 305 mm)
  • The slide rails can be adjusted lengthwise as follows:
  • Distance from center, seat length adjustment (118 mm, 168 mm, 175 mm, 280 mm, 330 mm and 337 mm)