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The Komfort Neck Rest has 2 angle joints. It has been a much appreciated accessory not only in construction machinery but also in the office chair market. Operators have found this neck rest not only as a headrest but as a neck rest to adjust in different angles to achieve highest comfort. With the features of this neck rest you could easily find your own position to get the best support. The neck rest has an infinite adjustment for best support. For further information, please contact Darby Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • The Komfort neckrest fits chairs with 10 mm and 12 mm axle pins. Axle pins are designed straight as well as with a 90┬║ angle and distance of 120 mm to 180 mm between axle pins

Optional Accessories

  • The adapters for other diameters and distances are available
  • The Komfort neckrest is available in black or grey tissue and
    black vinyl
  • Also available in short back