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The Kusken K1 Series (Formerly the K1-96) may be fitted into a wide range of applications, but is particularly suitable for large forklift trucks, construction and forestry equipment. In its standard configuration the Kusken K1 armrest can be fitted easily to most seat models with the help of our special seat brackets. Special clamps are also available to reinforce the seat, or allow mounting of additional equipment behind the seat back. These strengthening clamps can be fitted using the same bolts as the armrest mounting brackets. For further information, please contact Darby
Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • The armrest is mounted on the seat frame and the supporting arm is designed in the form of a rectangular profile, with standard lengths of 220 mm, 250 mm and 350 mm
  • Height adjustable and conveniently hinged to facilitate accessing and leaving the seat
  • Can be moved sideways into a so-called "wide" position and the front section can be turned inwards
  • The armrest pad is newly designed and supplemented by a cover fitted under the pad to provide a more dynamic design. The cover also effectively conceals any control cables
  • The armrest pad can be separately adjusted both vertically and in terms of length as well as be angled in a vertical plane and turned in a horizontal plane
  • The control holder can be fitted in 2 ways:
  • Supporting arm (350 mm): The control holder is mounted on the arm
  • Supporting arm (220 mm & 250 mm): The control holder is mounted at the front edge of the armrest pad