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The Kusken K6R Series has a wide range of applications, but is particularly suitable for forklift trucks. In its basic form, the armrest is easily installed on most seat models with the help of a standard seat bracket. For certain models, such as the GN 36 Series and MSG 20, a special bracket is needed. As long as the seat holds, you can depend on your K6R. For further information, please contact Darby Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • The armrest is mounted on side of the seat back and the supporting arm is designed in the form of a rectangular profile, with standard lengths of 220 mm, 250 mm and 350 mm
  • Height adjustable and conveniently hinged to facilitate accessing and leaving the seat
  • Can be moved sideways into a so-called "wide" position and the front section can be turned inwards
  • The armrest pad is newly designed and supplemented by a cover fitted under the pad to provide a more dynamic design. The cover also effectively conceals any control cables
  • The armrest pad can be separately adjusted both vertically and in terms of length as well as angled in a vertical plane and turned in a horizontal plane
  • The control holder can be fitted in 2 ways:
  • Supporting arm (350 mm): The control holder is mounted on the arm
  • Supporting arm (220 mm & 250 mm): The control holder is mounted at the front edge of the armrest pad