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The LP Fore and Aft Isolator is a low profile design, that was created to handle substantial loads without slack. The design is based on 2 long linear ball bearings providing a rigid and durable product. The single isolator damps longitude vibrations and shocks for all types of machinery. Damping characteristics are adjustable in 6 levels and can also be turned off. The damping stroke is +-40 mm and the interface hole pattern can be customized. For further information, please contact Darby Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • The LP Fore and Aft Isolator offers both a 2 way and/or a 4
    way design
  • The isolator is adjustable in 6 different ways for a total horizontal stroke of +-40 mm
  • In addition to the standard isolator (medium action), it is also available in "light duty action" or "heavy duty action"
  • The isolator can be locked in place by a handle at the side to help with certain work environments
  • The design and construction makes for a compact and very
    stable isolator