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The MSG 20HB narrow version is a comfort seat with full suspension, which was designed specifically for vehicles with low overhead clearance and narrow proportions, such as small construction machinery and especially forklifts/reach trucks. Particularly noticeable is the quick and easily adjustable weight adjustment. The ergonomic seat and backrest cushions provide excellent posture and the high backrest (+120 mm compared with “MSG 20 standard”) also provides optimal backrest support. Through the combination of backrest seat pan angle adjustment, the distance to the steering wheel remains constant without readjusting the fore aft adjustment. The cushions are replaceable and are available in either black PVC vinyl or black cloth. For further information, please contact Darby Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • Quick weight adjustment in 9 increments from 50 kg to 130 kg (Lever on the front of the seat)
  • Suspension stroke of +- 30 mm
  • Fore and aft adjustment of 150 mm in increments of 15 mm
  • Backrest seat pan angle adjustment of 10º in increments of 2.5º
  • Seat index point (S.I.P.) = 195 mm
  • Hydraulic shock absorber

Optional Accessories

  • Upward folding armrests
  • Static or retractable seat belt*
  • Limit switch
  • Document holder
*Safety Notice: Seat restraints, static or retractable lap belts are available. The nature and environment of product use dictates the employment of this device. Darby seating is a component part, therefore the purchaser of any seat must exercise this choice. Darby recommends the use of seat restraints whenever appropriate. Strict adherence to ALL safety procedures is recommended.