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MSG 30


The MSG 30 is a suspended driver’s seat suitable for nearly every application. This seat sets new standards in seating comfort with tapered backrest. Optimum freedom of movement for various working conditions guaranteed. The backrest angle adjustment of 10º enables the driver to change the sitting position. The suspension stroke of +- 20 mm guarantees high absorption of vibrations and prevents harmful shocks to your back. The upholstery is a vacuum formed and poured-in-place type and can be easily exchanged for serviceability. The cushions are available in black PVC vinyl or black cloth. For further information, please contact Darby
Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • Suspension stroke of +- 20 mm
  • Weight adjustment (50 kg to 130 kg infinitely)
  • Fore and aft of 210 mm in increments of 10 mm
  • Backrest angle adjustment of +- 5º in 3 increments

Optional Accessories

  • Tilt-up armrests, 80 mm wide with angle and height adjustments
  • Operator presence switch
  • Seat belt*
*Safety Notice: Seat restraints, static or retractable lap belts are available. The nature and environment of product use dictates the employment of this device. Darby seating is a component part, therefore the purchaser of any seat must exercise this choice. Darby recommends the use of seat restraints whenever appropriate. Strict adherence to ALL safety procedures is recommended.