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MSG 83/20


The MSG 83/20 is a mechanical suspension seat, designed for small and medium tractors with limited seat space. The complete suspension is protected from infiltration of foreign matter and water by a rubber boot. The upholstery is vacuum formed and poured-in-place type and can be easily exchanged for serviceability. Upholstery is available in black PVC vinyl or black cloth. For further information, please contact Darby Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • Fore and aft adjustment of 165 mm in increments of 15 mm
  • Weight adjustment (50 kg to 130 kg infinitely)
  • Height adjustment of 60 mm in 3 increments
  • Suspension stroke of +- 40 mm
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Lumbar support

Optional Accessories

  • Headrest
  • Pivoting armrests
  • Static or retractable seat belt*
*Safety Notice: Seat restraints, static or retractable lap belts are available. The nature and environment of product use dictates the employment of this device. Darby seating is a component part, therefore the purchaser of any seat must exercise this choice. Darby recommends the use of seat restraints whenever appropriate. Strict adherence to ALL safety procedures is recommended.