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The V97 Turntable, with its stepless locking capability, is a further development of the company's turntable concept. It is robustly constructed to handle the heaviest loads. The V97 can be mounted easily to a unit using 4 bolts on the top and underside, which guarantees "no free play". The V97 has a wide range of applications but is particularly suited for use in construction, forest machinery and large forklift trucks. Don't turn your body, turn your seat with our stepless adjustment features! For further information, please contact Darby Manufacturing Ltd.

Technical Data

  • Features a stepless locking function in any position within 0º to 225º to the left or right
  • The turntable can be locked in the following methods:
  • Mechanical locking using a lever or foot pedal
  • Electric locking, 12 or 24 volt
  • Pneumatic locking
  • Structural height of 52 mm
  • The turntable has a cam curve and is supplied prepared for the fitting of contact breakers/sensors
  • The distance from the center (length x breadth) to the seat and floor fastening holes is 280 mm x 280 mm or 305 mm x 280 mm